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Mezzanotti - Nathan Project 

I'm glad to announce the birth of a new project: Mezzanotti - Nathan Project

Violin, guitar and a electronics, are the ingredients of this new music experience, that creates from scratch a new recipe using our common background: classical music, jazz, folk, and modern rock/pop.

It's a big pleasure to share this new adventure with my friend, and great violinist Federico Nathan.

Are you ready for the gig?

Shooting with Aclam Guitars 

Some photos from the video shooting at Aclam Guitars in Barcelona, Spain.

Has been a wonderful day, for having had the opportunity to play with one of the best guitars I ever played in my life, and have met Jordi Canivell and all the Aclam family. Amazing guitars, amazing people. I'm sure soon all the world will hear more often the name of Aclam Guitars.

If don't know them, check it out!

Soon more details about these instruments, and...some videos.


Endorsement collaboration - Daw Manifacturing 

Happy to share that I start a new collaboration with Daw Custom Guitar Picks Picks.
Thanks to the amazing service of Daw manifacturing, we are going to work on a new pick that can suit my personal necessities.
Dawman picks are handmade, they have a unique sound qualities.
I'm really honoured to represent their prouduct.

Looking forward to some test! Stay tuned!
For info about Daw manifacturing:

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