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New Arrangements premiered in Montevideo 

I'm glad to announce that five of my symphonic arrangements of Django Reinhardt have been premiered this months by the National Symphony Orchestra of Uruguay (OSSODRE). 

Has been a wonderful opportunity and a big challange to write this concert dedicated to one the my favorite guitarrist of all the times.

New Fender American Performer Series - Demo 

Here is the first collaboration for a Fender Product, made for Cutaway Guitar Magazine. Together with Jose Manuel, the director of the magazine, we produced in my new studio a demo and a review of the new Telecaster from the new serie American Performer , launched by Fender the 4th of December 2018.

The first impressions are good. It's a typical Telecaster but with a couple of new tweaks, such as the new Yosemite pick-up, the vintage looking tuners, plus brand new colors that looks awesome. Also nice the…

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Charity Symphonic Concert 

Has been a big effort, but after 3 intense months of full time composition I saw the satisfaction of listening and playing my songs with a 75 people orchestra. For this concert I counted with a classical symphonic orchestra plus a big band, and for the last piece of the concert with a kids choir, for a total of 150 musicians on stage.
Has been the biggest production I ever made and I couldn't be happier because this big effort is going to help directly kids with autims.

Furthermore I had the pleasure to…

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Online Guitar Lessons - 1 Slot available 

Are open the subscriptions for the coming course 2018/2019.

For the next course I'm going to accept only 5 online students. The slots available at the moment it's only 1, so if you are interested hurry up!

I select only students with high motivations, so before being accepted it's necessary a short Skype interview, or you can send a video where you show off your playing.

For more informations don't hesitate to check out the "Lessons" section of my web. You can write me using the contact form on the page.

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Nuevo número de Cutaway Guitar Magazine 

Acaba de salir el nuevo número de Cutaway Guitar Magazine con mi artículo sobre tríadas.

Que son las tríadas, como se construien y donde podemos encontrarlas y visualizarlas en el mástil de la guitarra.

Esto y mucho más contenido de calidad.

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