Guitar Lessons


Learn how to make a great solo over a jazz standard and how to reharmonize it using different techniques and style patterns.

The learning process is now divided into individual goals, to allow the students to get done what they want. 

Some of the concepts that I cover in my lessons:

  • Solo Building               
  • Comping
  • Voicings
  • Technique exercises
  • Transcription
  • Scales
  • Rhythm development
  • Melody harmonization
  • Repertoire
  • Generative Meldodies


Learn Music Theory concepts applied to composition and improvisation. I divide the courses according to the student needs and level. Every student is going to have a personal study plan.

  • Level 1 (Basics) For any musician who want to know how music works.
  • Level 2 (Intermediate) For the musician who wants to make a step further in his musical career and start to write his/her own composition, or to understand the basics of improvisation.    
  • Level 3 (Advanced) For the students that want to have full control over their music, to write and arrange their own original songs, basic reharmonization techniques and advanced improvisation concepts.
  • Level 4 (Master) Different type of advanced reharmonization concepts, arranging for for big band or  full orchestra. 














Jacopo Mezzanotti  is a Guitarist, Composer and Producer. 

He works as CEO of Guitar Lions and as Editor-in-chief of the didactical department at Cutaway Guitar Magazine.
He works as teacher assistant at Berklee College of Music Online.
He graduated from some of the most prestigious schools worldwide, such as:

  • Berklee College Of Music (Master) 
  • Royal Conservatory of Den Haag (Bachelor) 
  • D.A.M.S. Musicology (Bachelor) 

He is constantly investigating new ways and techniques to teach music and guitar.

He is developing the "Scientific Method For Guitarrists".


What Students Says


" Thanks to Jacopo I've been introduced to the world of composition and performance that I would have never imaged before. His passion for jazz guitar and any type of music makes him a reference in my musical career
His lessons have a perfect balance between theory and practice. 
With his help, I definitely made a step further in music. "

- Antonio Muñoz -

" When I initially started taking lessons with Jacopo I was looking for someone who could teach me more than just a few chords or how to play a specific song. Jacopo took the time to assess my skill level and listen to what I wanted to accomplish. He has challenged me beyond what previous teachers have, helping me expand my abilities and reach goals in playing jazz and music composition. Jacopo’s diverse professional experience reflects in the quality of lessons he is able to provide. Jacopo is the teacher for serious musicians."

- Brandon Ortega -

" From the beginning of the course, he personalizes the study plan in a unique way according to the student needs. Jacopo adapts himself to any level and makes you improve in any aspect of your music playing, from the technical to the theoretical aspect. 


Using a friendly and easy way of teaching he works on basic and advanced concepts without never forget the idea of "applying everything you learn" and make real music at the end of the day.
With Jacopo, you improve every essential aspect of your playing, from rhythm, ear training to the ability to listen and interact with the music world around you, going through all the common needs, such as scales, technique, licks composition...
In the end, with Jacopo, you'll open your musical world to a limit that you couldn't imagine before and you will improve exponentially as a guitarist and as a musician, in a professional and friendly environment. "

- Carlos Morales -


“After many years trying different and frustrating methods and exercises that didn't help me to reach the desired goals, Jacopo through his innovative method and his artistic background, helped me to re-discover the pleasure of studying and playing music. His concepts are useful from the beginning."

- Marco Rossini -

" I found Jacopo searching for guitar lessons on the internet; I was searching for a teacher that could follow me and that could help me to grow with the possibility to have online lessons via Skype. What can I say...Just reading the curriculum would be enough. Anyway since the first lesson I understood the professional and meticulous approach. After 8 months with him, I saw an exceptional progress in my playing, taking into account also the fact that working I can't dedicate much time to study.
His lessons are always interesting, but above all, I would highlight his patience with the students, building a complete and clear learning process.  During the lessons, he doesn't "overplay" to show his skills, but only when it's necessary to show the concepts he wants. This is really important for me since I saw many teachers playing only for themselves just to impress the student.

Finally, I recommend Jacopo to everybody. "

- Tullio Capitani -