The  Joe Midnights Space Trio
Three italian musicians leave back their country to follow their dreams to play jazz in one of the most active jazz scene of Europe such as The Netherlands.
Three completely different personalities, three different ways of playing, melting together, fighting, building up, finding each other and at the end turning directly into a new highway of jazz music experience.
They have met each others at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and after one year of playing traditional bebop jazz around local venues, they start to work on their own musical "point of view", changing the atmosphere of the old standards, writing new compositions, stretching the line that connects this wonderful personalities to an extreme limit, breaking it, and finally guiding the audience into the deep space of the unexpected Joe Midnights Space Trio.
From the mysterious sounds of Wayne Shorter's compositions, to the power of the electric guitar of Jimi Hendrix; the trio try to find a new balance between these two far worlds that, now, are not so far anymore.

1st Price at MUSIC I/O online competition, first round 2016
3rd price at the "Jimmy Woode European Jazz Awards" 2013

They participate to the Warsaw Jazz Festival on 2012
They played at the PJPJ (Podium Jong Professionals Jazz) in Voorschoten